Swimming Pools and Canals

Tufferate Building system

Tuffcrete is waterproof. It has more load bearing capacity than conventional concrete. It has more flexibility than steel reinforced concrete and adheres to stabilized dirt. This allows you to build better quality swimming pools.

This allows you to build swimming pools without the use of :

Steel rebars, Water proofing, Ceramics, Aggregate.

A pool’s turquoise color can be molded in the Tuffcrete itself. In ground water storage tanks and sewage tanks can be built the same way. Tuffcrete has no pours so it does not allow the growth of algae in its walls resulting in 50% savings in chemical water treatment cost. Tuffcrete colors are stead fast and are not effected by different weather conditions. They never fade.

Example - Water storage Tank 25 meters x 25 meters by 3 1/2 meters is without the use of: 1- aggregate. 2- steel rebars. 3- waterproofing.