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Axion TuffCrete for your early high strength, light weight water proof concrete...

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The Axion Soil Base Stabilizer was approved in 2014 by the...

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Increase the volume of bitumen up to 30% saving more than it’s cost and increasing the contractors probability...

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Waterproof that does not allow water to settle in or on top...

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We are leaders in Building and Constructions.

Axion ensures that all projects are successfully completed to specification and in line with the company’s sense of responsibility towards our Clients and host communities.

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Our products are affordable, efficient and reliable.

At Axion, we have developed products for both the building and road construction industries. Our products ensure durability, chemical resistance and greater stability wherever they are applied.

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Latest Projects


  • David Customer


    The pressure was put on this team from the day we broke ground and they heeded the call. These dedicated construction professionals show what great teamwork is all about and the final construction project was indeed explicit.

  • Esmeralda Customer


    Axion worked with us to overcome the various project challenges and completed the job on time and within budget. Even upon completion, Axion has continued to be a valuable resource for us. We would highly recommend them for your upcoming project.

  • Paul Johnson Customer


    I am proud of the thoughtfulness, commitment and quality of work Axion has demonstrated through the design, construction and commissioning of our production facility. Teamwork is critical to any project; Axion teams worked well together to achieve a first-class production facility and their products are first class.