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Axion Bitumen Boost Refiner

Bitumen Boost Refiner

Axion Bitumen Boost Refiner

Our AXION BITUMEN BOOSTER  interacts with natural molecular structure of bitumen used in asphalt batching to substantial increase its strength, while adding higher resistance to the sun’s UV rays which deteriorates the strength of bitumen over time.

Increase the volume of bitumen up to 30% saving more than it’s cost and increasing the contractors probability.

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Axion TuffCrete

Axion TuffCrete

TuffCrete Waterproof Concrete

AXION TUFFCRETE is a powerful molecular activator which replaces the water normally used to batch ready-mix-concrete. The dry mix that must be used with this product does not contain ANY aggregate except sand.

It’s superior strength is created from natural chemical reactions between the AXION monomer, clay, limestone, and natural ‘salts’ found in Portland cement powder.

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Axion Solid Base Stabilizer

Solid Base Stabilizer

Axion Solid Base Stabilizer

AXION SOLID BASE STABILIZER (SBS) is our highest selling product around the world as it does not require aggregate. Instead it merely strengthens and improves the natural soil enabling it to achieving load baring capacities that meet and exceed all international CBR and compaction requirements.

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Did You Know?

Cost Savings

Being able to use a large range of native materials instead of expensive aggregates dramatically reduces costs involved due to transportation and materials acquisition.

40% Stronger

When Axion’s organic polymer liquid is used instead of water it creates concrete that is up to 40% stronger than conventional concrete, and in many applications will not require reinforcement. In the testing of roads built with Axion’s road base formulas the concrete produced has been shown to be as strong as steel reinforced concrete.

Our Planet

Each formulation of the Axion’s organic polymer liquid has no hazardous chemicals or polymers, is totally water-soluble and is manufactured using FDA approved food grade materials.


Unlike coatings or membranes, Axion’s polymer is a cohesive and integral element of the formed concrete. Axion’s organic polymer pass on its natural elastic properties, preventing cracks, and simultaneously renders it impervious to water. All this with only a minute increase in flexability.

More Flexibility, Less Time

Being able to use native materials that are easier to acquire and transport allows for a considerable flexibility in implementation and time saving. Axion offers a range of formulations, with each solution can be used in a variety of situations. If these a job, there’s a formulation to match.

The Axion tuffcrete product has helped us to cut over 38% of material cost for our concrete pre-cast elements, and it is amazingly waterproof and lightweight."… Roche Group

The solid base stabilizer from Axion has really helped us to improve profit margin as well as cut time for our road projects. At first we were able to achieve 1KM of road in a week, but with subsequent usage, we can boast of delivering 1KM of road in 3days, and at a very affordable price. Thank to Axion."… Express Construction Co. Ltd
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